About Karen Lee

Throughout her twenty plus year career as a Certified Financial Planner™, Karen has been intrigued by some of the bizarre decisions people have made over money. As a result of her past experiences, Karen has determined that people have formed a deep-seated relationship with money during their lives, and that this relationship is the root of most of their financial struggles.

Karen’s passion for helping people achieve their life’s goals has moved her to reach an audience beyond her practice. She is a frequent guest on CNN Newsroom and her articles have appeared in both industry and consumer publications, including Kiplinger’s, Forbes, CNBC, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Parenting Magazine and Ladies Home Journal.

Karen also is in demand as a speaker, appearing both at industry and consumer events. She has addressed audiences of financial advisors at events held by the Financial Planning Association (FPA), The GA Society of CPA’s, and at Broker/Dealer conferences. She has also presented to local faith communities and women’s organizations. She is currently serving as the financial spokesperson for the Wise Women Speak Foundation, a non-profit organization promoting building wealth for women, girls and families.

Karen speaks enthusiastically on the following topics:

  • It’s Just Money, So Why Does it Cause So Many Problems?
  • What Affects Our Attitudes Toward Money
  • Money Baggage: Yours, Mine and Ours
  • Six Steps to Help People transform their financial lives
  • For Financial Advisors
  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Therapist
  • Helping Your Clients to Reach Their Financial Goals

For Financial Advisors:

  • You are the message!
  • Sometimes I Feel Like a Therapist
  • Helping Your Clients to Reach Their Financial Goals

She has recently published her first book titled; It’s Just Money, So Why Does It Cause So Many Problems? In this “Chicken Soup for the Soul” style book, Karen teaches how our relationship with money can be our greatest tool to financial success, or our worst enemy.

Her message resonates with her audiences. Whether it’s helping colleagues understand the importance of connecting with their clients about money baggage they may carry, or helping consumers recognize how they may be self-sabotaging their carefully constructed financial plans – Karen is an engaging, thought-provoking speaker.

Call today to book Karen to speak at your next event!


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